Planning A Trip With Your Partner? Here’s How To Not Drive Each Other Crazy

You like your partner, right? You’re like, super in love, and have decided to celebrate that love by going on a big ol’ holiday together. Great news! This will be a blast! Right?

We’ve all heard the horror stories of couples coming back from their trips on separate flights. The love song they were singing turned to a Taylor Swift revenge ballad.

Let us give you a few tips to make sure you come back from vacay as loved-up as you left.

Talk About Your Priorities

What do you want to do on this holiday? What does your partner want to do? It’s important to chat about what you are imagining this trip to be like.

There’s nothing more frustrating and hotel-room-fight-inducing than when one of you is desperate to see the sights, go for a hike, hit the beach, and the other wants to sip a cocktail by the pool.

Vocalising your expectations not only helps communicate to your partner what you want to be doing, but also means you won’t be shocked or annoyed when they spring a 10 mile trek on you three-days into what you thought was a fly and flop.

Make a Plan

After you’ve talked about the kind of holiday you want, you can start to map out your trip. Not everyone is a spreadsheet driven maniac who needs to account for his or her entire days activities, but if you’ve booked a trip to a specific location there’s obviously things you both want to do there.

Write these down and work out when will be best to do them – if you want to do a hike, will you feel like doing that your first day there, or will you want to ease in to the trip? Does your partner want to do an expensive day tour, and can you afford it?

Talk About Money

Speaking of expensive day tours – have you guys talked about money yet? It’s a tricky topic for a lot of people, and money can feel like a gross thing to talk about.

However, it’s super important you’re transparent and clear with your financial situation, especially when doing something financially demanding like a holiday.

Are you guys going to go share some expenses, or are you going to keep it strictly split down the middle? If you’re going to split, there’s apps like Splittr and Splitwise that you can download to keep track of your holiday spending, and they’ll even help calculate who owes who, and how much.

If you’re going to share costs- make sure you’re both aware of how much you’re spending, and how much things like hotels will cost ahead of time, so there’s no rude shocks.

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Schedule Some Me Time

Yes, you love each other and you never want to be apart. But have you ever actually spent a few weeks together, non-stop, in close physical proximity? Are you the kind of person who needs a bit of alone time – or is your partner?

It’s important to remember travel can tire out the most energetic people, and even extroverts can get grouchy after a long-haul flight. Make sure you schedule some time where the two of you can have some no-pressure time apart.

Maybe book yourself a massage and let your partner have some solo time by the pool. Perhaps book a tour on your own and give yourself some room to be excited by the prospect of coming ‘home’ to your lover – after time in cramped accommodation, speaking to only each other, the change will be a good thing!

These are all common sense things you can do – but they often get lost in the excitement of the trip. While holidays are a fun time, you want to make sure you keep your relationship as healthy as the tan you’re hopefully going to return with, so make sure you make the effort to chat some of these through before you jump on a big jet plane.

Rebecca Varcoe is a writer and events producer from Melbourne. She writes funny things, silly things, sometimes serious things, and makes the magazine Funny Ha Ha.