How To Stop Paying Extra Fees To Withdraw Money When You Travel

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Travelling is one of life’s greatest thrills. We seek new experiences and new locations, all in an effort to feel free and unstoppable on the road. It’s safe to say we’d all like to keep that feeling going for as long as possible, so it isn’t fun when you’re grounded by annoying realities – like realising the £20 you took out of the ATM at the pub in London just came with an additional $5 ATM withdrawal fee.

Accessing your money while overseas should be a breeze, and it’s lame when you’re forced to pay additional fees for no particular reason. So Westpac have got a solution – they’ve teamed up with the Global ATM Alliance to help us skip the pesky ATM withdrawal fees.

Westpac customers will pay no ATM withdrawal fees when using over 50,000 Global ATMs belonging to the Global ATM Alliance network, and you’ll also have access to over 3000 Westpac Group ATMs in Australia. You beauty.



Using your Westpac Mobile Banking app, Westpac card holders can search for the nearest Global ATM Alliance and Westpac Group Partner ATM with the Global ATM Finder, making it easy as pie to find an ATM in a foreign city. Bank of America, ScotiaBank, Barclays and Deutsche Bank are just some of the ones to look out for (check here for a complete list of banks that are in the ATM alliance). A 3% foreign transaction fee will apply on these transactions.

Westpac is helping you be even more unstoppable on your overseas travel with their own reloadable and prepaid Travel Money Card as well. A Westpac Global Currency Card is a simple, secure and convenient way to spend when you’re abroad (you can even use it back home for your online shopping as well).

Like your regular Westpac card, these travel cards offer no ATM withdrawal fees when you use the Global Alliance ATMs, and you also avoid that 3% foreign transaction fee when getting cash in a currency pre-loaded on the card.

They’re super easy to use, too – you can pre-load your currency and lock in your exchange rate when it suits you. Load up to five different currencies, including AUD.

Nothing’s stopping you now.

Want to get in on the action? Learn more about the Global ATM Alliance here. Don’t have a Westpac account? Get all the info you need on Everyday Banking here