8 Jobs Extroverts Can Totally Ace

Most people fall into one of two personality camps – the quieter, inward-looking introverts and the more expressive, social extroverts. Different personalities suit different roles, and while many introverts are suited to job roles such as a writer, graphic designer or animal-care worker, extroverts can best use their strengths in other positions.

While introverts may view extroverts as noisy, outgoing, blustery and overly chatty, they would misunderstand the fact that most extroverts mean no harm, they just thrive on social situations and contact with other people. Studies have shown that extroverts could be happier than introverts, have different learning styles and have a tendency towards socialising. So what are the jobs extroverts will be naturally good at?

#1 Public relations executive

Directing your energy towards telling stories can be a brilliant career move for an extrovert. Not only do you get the chance to communicate, you’re also doing it with the backup of a team helping you brainstorm the best – or sometimes loudest – way to shout the message you’re trying to tell.

You may find yourself in a group brainstorm, having to think on the spot, discussing your thoughts with others. You’ll probably also have to keep up a wide network of professionals in media so you have an in when you want to tell your brand’s stories.

#2 Teacher

Maintaining the fragile equilibrium in a classroom full of moody teenagers who may well hate you is no easy feat. You need to be organised, charismatic and in control of a group of up to 30 adolescents (or children, and we’re not sure if that’s better or worse to be honest) or they’ll get the better of you.

Somewhere down the road you may also end up leading a choir or sports team, get a promotion to lead other teachers or perhaps even end up as a principal. Better hope you’re ready to thrive on those interpersonal relationships.

#3 Actor

What job could be more extroverted than being in the (actual) spotlight, sometimes in front of a crowd of hundreds, if not thousands? Performing on a stage to a live audience is enough to give anyone a rush, and if you add in the fact that you’re interacting with a lot of people, and are often the centre of attention, sounds like a job made for extroverts.

If you manage to get a gig in TV or film acting, be prepared for having cameras all up in your face, ready to broadcast close-ups to the masses.

#4 Sales representative

If you don’t mind talking to a wide group of people over an extended period – and being often called to present in front of crowds – sales roles might be the perfect position for you. You might even draw energy from the interactions you have on a day to day basis.

If you have a competitive streak, even better. Reach those targets. Beat your colleagues. Earn that sweet commission.

#5 Nurse

Here’s where interpersonal skills really come to the fore. Ever heard of “bedside manner”? Nurses need to get that sorted, stat, and it’ll come quickly to those who thrive on interacting with other people.

You may work long days, and it’s not the cleanest of jobs, so you’ll have to be able to keep your cool under pressure, often when you’re rushing around from patient to patient, always keeping up your compassionate bedside manner.

#6 Event planner

Ever thought of organising a wedding? You’ll have to manage relationships not only with your clients, who are getting married, but with the celebrant, photographer, caterer, band, guests, venue representatives and transport companies.

If the sound of that has you diving beneath a blanket with a long novel, maybe event planning isn’t for you. But if you’re an organised type-A boss, you’ll thrive on that challenge, keep everybody happy and pull of the wedding of the century. And now apply that to whatever scene you end up working in – corporate networking events, bar mitzvahs, funerals or industry functions or any number of other events.

#7 Personal trainer

You have to bring your best game with you whenever you meet your clients as a personal trainer – and often at odd hours, such as 5am to 8am, before they go to work, or 6pm to 9pm, when they’re done at their desk jobs. And don’t let tiredness get in the way.

Your clients will rely on your energy to inspire and motivate them.

Your clients will rely on your energy to inspire and motivate them and correct their form so they don’t injure themselves, even though you might feel just as morning-braindead as they do. That’s why your morning-person habits and ability to switch on your happy persona at any time come in so handy.

#8 Human resources officer

This job means that dealing with other people – supporting them, helping them, dealing with their problems – will be your job. Every day. And when you’re not talking to them, you’ll be working on policies for how they talk to and deal with each other. It goes without saying that you’ll need to be a people person of the highest order. Bonus points if your name is Karen or Paul.

Each person has the perfect career out there, whether your extroverted or introverted. It’s just a matter of knowing your strengths and finding the right one.

Mitch is Editor of The Cusp and there’s a reason he chose to be a writer and editor.