All The Life Advice You Could Ever Need, Courtesy Of Kanye West

When it comes to history’s greatest philosophers, names like Plato, Aristotle or Marx may spring to mind. But if you’re looking for the ultimate words of wisdom of today, there’s only one man to turn to. And that man is Kanye West.

Don’t believe us? Well after an 11-month-long spell from Twitter, Ye is back. After deleting all of his old and often bizarre tweets, the rapper posted a string of, well, genuinely insightful and genuine tweets like these ones.

The Twitter tirade made heaps more sense when West, in a Hollywood Reporter interview with his interior designer Axel Vervoordt, revealed plans to release a philosophy book called Break the Simulation, reports The Guardian.

Okay, so Kanye mightn’t always be considered beacon of wisdom. But to celebrate his return to Twitter, here are 10 times he has dropped total truth bombs on us and provided totally foolproof* life advice and or motivation.

*Results may will almost certainly vary.

#1 The time he taught us what forgiveness was

#2 When he stressed the importance of being prepared

#3 He told us that it’s OK to allow ourselves to feel emotions

#4 When he inspired us to nourish our personal space

#5 The time he related to us so deeply on a spiritual level we felt it in our bones

#6 When he reminded us that it’s OK to treat ourselves, because we’re worth it.

#7 He taught us that it’s what’s on the inside that counts most

#8 When he said something, which actually seemed really sincere and wise (?)

#9 That time he reminded us to ignore the haters

#10 The time he kept us grounded and humble


There you guys go. Whenever you’re feeling lost, confused or in need of a little inspo, just know that Kanye’s got your back. Alternatively, check out our legit tips on self care, ways to stay motivated, and ways to spark inspiration.

(Lead Image: Wikipedia Commons) 

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