A List Of Things You Could Buy With $450 Million, Instead Of This Painting

Let’s make one thing clear: we think that art is wonderful and worthy and one of the richest expressions of human potential.

But like many people we were utterly gobsmacked when a Leonardo da Vinci painting sold at auction in November for $US 450 million, the highest auction price for any work of art… ever. The previous record was Picasso’s Women of Algiers, which sold for $160 million in 2015.

Also insane is that the painting was sold in 1958 for $60, because at the time people thought it was painted by a mere follower of da Vinci, rather than the man himself. This might be the most intense case of art price inflation we’ve ever seen.

In the painting, Salvator Mundi, Jesus is holding his hand up as though he’s ready to interject and say, “hey, do you really want to spend that much money?”

Millennials (unfairly) get a bad wrap for how they spend their money. This painting was purchased by an anonymous buyer, but we’re willing to bet they’re not a 20-something.

This got us thinking: what would we do if we had $450 million? And then our brains hurt because that figure is too astronomical for us to imagine.

So instead we’ve compiled a quick list of things you could buy with $450 million.

  • 150 million avocados, at $3 a pop.
  • 391 properties at the median price for Sydney houses, i.e. $1.15 million
  • Round the world trips for you and 204,500 of your closest mates (flying economy)
  • 5 million tickets to a $300 two-day music festival

And that’s not even taking into consideration all the affordable art you could buy. There’s plenty of stuff available for under $150, and chances are you’ll be far more comfortable hanging that on your wall.