8 Of The Most Ridiculous Money Saving Tips We’ve Heard

We all have those irrational thoughts when strapped for cash, damning ourselves for spending that $7 back in 2009. What if I told you I have a solution that would solve all of your money problems right now? Disclaimer: I don’t (sorry).

Have you ever looked at your basket of dirty clothes and thought, ‘ugh, I wish I could just take these in the shower with me?’ Or maybe you’re more into repurposing your pee? Hey, we aren’t judging, you do you. There are loads of strange lengths that  people are willing to go to in order to save a buck. Here are a few choice picks.

#1 – Stealth out your mate’s Netflix password

Streaming services may seem like a cheap form of entertainment, right? Wrong. Every dollar counts, and if you want to commit your life to becoming a serial saver, then you will have to kiss them goodbye.

However, if you consider yourself a little bit of a sneak, you could always try and ‘borrow’ login deets from someone else. Most of the time they won’t mind but if they do, discover their email address and start dropping the subtle questions like, ‘what is your mum’s maiden name?’ or ‘what was the name of your first pet?’ Purely out of curiosity, of course.

Be warned though, your watch history will show up so if you are going off genre for them, be prepared to be caught out.

#2 – Do your laundry in the shower

I think everyone can agree that laundry is the absolute worst. It just seems to accumulate until you are forced to move the mound of interwoven material in fear of a trip hazard.

Why not kill two birds with one stone by taking your washing into the shower with you? Not only will you save loads on water every week, but also you could take this time to meditate, reflect on the week that was and realise how gross you truly are by dealing with those stains up close.

#3 – An alternative to the hose

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have”, and this money saving tip is no exception to the rule. Water bills can be hefty and it is important be environmentally sustainable wherever you can.

Get the best of both worlds by repurposing your pee. Gross, yes, but not only will you be cutting down on water usage, saving the money and the environment, your garden will thank you for it, more fertile than ever.

#4 – Stash up on free condiments

Is your tomato sauce running low, or in need of more mayo? Rule them out of the weekly shop and visit your local fast food joint. If you’re lucky, their condiments will be out on display, and free for the taking. If not, just ask. More than likely the cashier will pity you enough to just surrender the goods.

#5 – Donate your clothes and buy them back

As previously stated, laundry is the pits, dry cleaning is even worse, and this money saving life hack bodes infinite saving possibilities. Why not outsource the tedious task at a low rate by donating your clothes?

More than likely the recipients will wash your clothes for you and they will be hanging up ready to be purchased at a reasonable price in about a week’s time.

Yes, you are running the risk of not getting your outfits back, but hey, there will surely be other options in-store.

#6 – Cut your own hair (and repurpose the leftovers)

Haircuts can be bloody expensive, so why not back your own abilities and have a crack at it yourself? Chances are you have a mirror and a pair of scissors at home so really, you’re half way there.

Once you have given yourself a fresh cut, remember what Teddy said earlier and repurpose those hair clippings. The possibilities are endless, from stuffing pillows to weaving quilts and blankets to keep you warm in the colder months.

#7 – Wear ALL of your clothes on flights

You can pack as carefully as possible and end up 1kg over, having to fork out extra cash for you luggage. Have you ever considered wearing the entire contents of your suitcase on board the flight?

Not only will you save money on your plane ticket, but also those darn airplanes can be chilly at times, and you came well prepared. Just be careful not to pass out, like one bloke who wore 12 layers of clothes did.

#8 – Extreme DIY 

From makeup to cleaning products, it pays to be crafty. Next time you are filling your trolley up at the supermarket think to yourself, ‘how much of this stuff could I make myself?’ The answer might surprise you, and there are recipes for a whole bunch of stuff online, like crayon lipstick and spray and wipe.

Of course, while it pays to be penny wise, there are no shortcuts to smart money management.

At the end of the day, making a budget is the most proven method for keeping your bank balance healthy – and it’s probably easier than most of these ridiculous tips, too. Here’s how it’s done.

Bradley is a writer from Newcastle who enjoys travel, Tina Fey and is a connoisseur of cheap red wine.

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