Musician Ta-ku On What Drives Him To New Creative Endeavours

Inspired by Toyota We've teamed up with Toyota Yaris to build the ultimate guide on how to find The Drive Within You.

We all have a drive within, and considering we humans are a curious bunch, it’s always fascinating to know what fuels that drive in others. Music producer Ta-ku chats to us about his numerous creative paths and how they’ve lead him to where he is now.

Regan Matthews, better known by his stage name Ta-ku, is a man of many talents. As the ultimate slashie, he’s not only a successful musician and bedroom producer, he’s also dabbled in both photography and entrepreneurship over the years.

Ta-ku got a ride to the studio with Jess Scully, another creative high achiever with fingers in a few pies (she’s a public art curator, policy thinker, festival director and media producer, to top it all off). Cruising in the Toyota Yaris, they chat about that inherent drive within us; the one that pushes us forward with new creative endeavours – and why sometimes, exploring different creative outputs can be the best way to make strides.

After releasing his debut EP Songs To Break Up To in 2013, Ta-ku decided to change lanes for a little while to pursue his “love for photography”. In saying that, he admits music will always be his “number one passion” and that he’s still eager to create that one, definitive album – the one that will go down in history as unequivocally Ta-ku.

Reggie even lets us in on the single most important part of his creative process – something that’s spurred his journey so far. Find out that and more in the full video below:

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Lead image: Future Classic.