Not Sure If You’re An Ace Employee? The Best Have These 11 Traits

Unless you’re Donald Trump, it’s hard to be the type of person who openly says, “I’m a great worker.” After all, you don’t want to come across as cocky. But as any successful worker will tell you, being confident in your abilities means you’ll go pretty far in a workplace environment.

Knowing your worth is important, and unless you’re getting regular feedback from your bosses and colleagues, it can be hard to know where you sit on the okay-good-great-fantastic scale of employee awesomeness. Business Insider collated a list of subtle signs that indicate whether you’re a great employee. How do you stack up?

#1 You get along with your colleagues


Genuine camaraderie among workmates is both desirable and possible, and if you’re being an ace team player, then that makes your job a whole lot easier. If you get along with your colleagues it means that working together will be easier, less stressful and fun, and you’ll also start to feel like a good fit within the culture of your organisation.

#2 You’re honest

Most bosses value integrity in the workplace – being able to be open and honest means relationships can be based on mutual trust, and not passive agressiveness.

But remember: there’s a big difference between being opinionated and offering an opinion. No one wants to feel like a particular opinion is being shoved down his or her throat, so there’s got to be a way to share your opinions, without compromising someone else’s feelings.

#3 You’re constantly improving yourself

Many workers settle for “good enough”, but truly great employees are always looking for ways to improve and up-skill. Learning is a lifelong quest, so the more you know the more you can enrich your life and career in more ways than one. A stellar employee seeks out new things and tries new approaches in an effort to work smarter. (Pssst: here’s a handy how to on how to keep learning long after school’s over).

#4 You hold yourself accountable

You take responsibility and stick to your guns. That’s some gold medal behaviour right there.

#5 You’re reliable


Dependability will get you a long way in a work environment, so it’s always good to be known as the person who will be there when you ask them to be, or send that email on time, or over-deliver on promises. If you’re known for being reliable, you’re definitely on the right track.

#6 You rise above office politics

You’re able to rise above potentially nefarious workplace gossip or arguments without getting dragged down by all the drama. Navigating your way through office politics is never easy, especially because no office is completely immune from drama. But if you’re making it an active choice to avoid gossip and incessant complaining then that’s the sign of a great employee.

#7 You take the time to mentor others

If people look to you for advice or help, then you’ve already presented yourself as someone who does their job well. You’re admirable, meaning you’re both successful on your own and willing to help others get to where you are. Great job, you.

#8 You’re proactive

No one needs to tell you what to do or which route to take – you go out and find things to do, work out the kinks, find solutions and deliver as promised. Being a solutions-focussed self-starter is a great trait to have nailed down.


#9 You speak out

Again, bottling things up or being passive aggressive won’t get you far in work scenarios. Instead, exemplary workers opt to express themselves clearly and position themselves as effective communicators in the workforce.

Also, here’s a few handy tips how to assert yourself at work, without irritating your co-workers or boss.

#10 You’re a conscientious person

Conscientious is your middle name (or it’s been permanently tattooed to the front page of your resume). You’re diligent, attentive, rigorous in your approach, and always ready for a new challenge.

#11 You finish what you start

Honouring your commitments is solid behaviour in any workplace environment. Persevering through setbacks and over-delivering on promises is what you strive for, and people will see your hard work and reward you for it. If you say you’re going to do something, you do it, and never have to have someone chase you for it. That is pure gold not just at work, but for a feeling of success and achievement in all areas of your life.

Rebecca Russo is a freelance writer, editor, community radio dabbler, occasional hiker and celebrity autobiography enthusiast. She has written for online publications including Junkee, AWOL, Fashion Journal and Tone Deaf. Find her online here.

h/t Business Insider