An Ode To The Unique Joy Of The Coin Jar

Our money management has gotten a lot more complicated than back in the day when we had a piggy bank. Nowadays we’ve got multiple bank accounts for different purposes, and we’re (hopefully) being paid more than pocket money.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped collecting our coins. Ask around and you’ll find a lot of your mates are unloading their coins into a jar at the end of the day, watching their pile of money grow.

Coins quickly become a bit annoying: they’re heavy and large and they ruin the silhouette of your skinny jeans. But they’re still worth something. So rather than carrying them around with you, it’s nice to unburden yourself at the end of the day.

The people I asked often had their coin jars right near their front door, or next to their bed – where they can dump their coins as soon as they get home, or as they’re unwinding for the evening.

They all said there’s something immensely satisfying about the clink of the coins as you chuck them into your jar. (Or, in the case of one of our colleagues, a large metal bucket, which no doubt makes a very loud, very fun noise.)

But perhaps the most satisfying part of all comes when the coin jar is full: then you get to count your riches. You can take the jar into a bank with a coin deposit machine and marvel at how much higher your bank balance is.

It’s the most tangible method of saving money, and although we’re big believers in the new-fangled way (a solid savings account into which you routinely deposit a chunk of your pay) it’s still so thrilling to see the effects of consistent effort. 20c here, 50c there might not seem like a lot when you look at it in isolation, but added together it becomes something way bigger.

And it makes a delightful noise when you chuck it into a jar.