Your Physical Health Might Be The Key To A Successful Career

We already know that being at peak physical performance is extremely beneficial for a lot of careers. Athletes, for one. Tradespeople, sure. Even teachers need to be the healthiest they can to do their job properly.

But peak physical performance and aviation don’t often pop up in the same breath. Which is strange, because for Davida Forshaw, an aviation pilot with Qantas, she owes her career to it.

Being a female in her field is an extremely big deal, one that requires quite a lot of resilience. Resilience that is honed in the fine art of a long distance run.

She speaks about her experience as not only beneficial to her body, but to her mind and attitude, “As I’m stepping, one after the other, to me it’s like meditation. When I’m running my mind is clear and I feel like I’ve been on a holiday, I feel really invigorated.”

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She attributes exercise to helping her beat the jetlag and giving her the opportunity to go out and actually explore the places that she’s flown to.

In fact, she credits her habitual running as not only benefiting her career, but social life and general wellbeing. Especially the impact on her family, “One of the most extraordinary things that has come out of my running is not my fitness, but actually the fact that I’ve inspired all of them to start running as well.”

Strength in numbers. Check out Davida talking about her incredible fitness and career journey below:

Posted by The Cusp on Sunday, 30 April 2017

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