Practical Steps To Take When You Hate Your Job

Have you ever hated a job so much it made you want to jump into the shower, curl up into the foetal position and cry for eight to six weeks? Us too.

And look, hating your job is a totally normal thing. It’s by no means healthy, but oh boy, you’re certainly not alone. According to a survey conducted by Survey Sampling International on behalf of SEEK, not only were less than half of Aussie workers happy with their jobs, only a small percentage of unhappy workers were actively look to change their situation, HuffPost reports.

Feeling miserable at your job? We’re here to help, with some super practical steps to take when you hate your job.

Assess the situation

Do you really hate your job? Or has it just been a tough week? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself to determine if it’s really that bad, or you’re just going through a rough patch.

Try and pinpoint exactly what it is that makes work so dreadful for you. Is it unjust management? Have you outgrown your current role? Are you feeling underpaid and underworked? All of the above?

Once you’ve had a moment to sit down, clear your head and come to a solution, move onto the next step.

Vent to a friend  

But be careful which friend you choose to talk to though. If you’re going to vent to a work friend, be very cautious – if they start blabbing it could put you in a suuuuuper uncomfortable situation and might even leave you jobless.

People you work with do better understand the struggle, and can offer some solid advice. Think whether the insight of an unbiased third party outsider pal is a better (and/or safer) option – up to you.

The most important thing getting to vent all of your frustrations and receive a second opinion to ensure your thinking is totally rational. Hey, they might even think up a solution for you.

Is your thinking rational? It’s always best to get a second opinion… just be sure you can trust who you vent to.

Chat candidly with your boss

Ooft, the awkward part – talking to your boss about it. Yeah, it’s uncomfortable and horrible and gross and all those things, but it’s also really important. Your boss mightn’t even know you hate work so much unless you voice your concerns.

Now obviously bosses are different, but a good boss will listen to your concerns, and then work with you toward a solution where you’re happy at work! After all, a boss wants the best output from an employee, and *spoiler alert* unhappy employees don’t produce the best work.

Most importantly, come to this chat prepared. Let them know your concerns, but also come with some potential solutions to your problems. That way they’re not totally blindsided.

Make a decision

After you’ve had a chat with your boss you should have a pretty clear indication of what’s to come, and really there are two outcomes: stay or leave.

This is the point where you need to make up your mind.

You can stay, work with your boss to make your job more fulfilling, or just tough it out while looking for a new challenge. Or, you can bounce, and decide remaining unhappy for the foreseeable future is just not worth it.

And hey, there’s no shame in choosing to leave. Your mental health always trumps a hostile work environment.

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Bradley is a writer from regional NSW and he didn’t come here to make friends, he came to win. He tweets infrequently to his 43 followers @bradjohnston_.