Reddit Users Shared Their Biggest Impulse Purchase Regrets And Whoa, They’re Bad

We’ve all got that one thing we’ve bought in the past which to this day is still cringe inducing. Sure, it was advertised really well, and sure you can attempt to justify the purchase, but let’s be honest: it was a really, really dumb thing to buy.

The worst part is it’s now easier than ever to blow your cash on ridiculous stuff, with the ability to send your hard-earned dough to strangers over the Internet with the click of a button.

If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of making another questionable purchase or just searching for something to make you feel better about the purchase that haunts you, there’s nothing better than reading someone else’s cautionary tale.

Here are a few reddit users who have confessed their worst impulse purchase regrets, to help you step away from the plastic (or make you feel a little better about your own financial blunders).

#1 Inflatable marine life

Sometimes you just need to ask yourself, is this something I really need?

“I bought one of those inflatable remote controlled shark balloons (which retail for like, $50 – not cheap). It took around three hours to assemble and seemed to be flying well and landing on the ground. I then took it outside and it immediately flew away” – Andrewgoldstein4.

#2 One way to mend a broken heart (?)

Sometimes you never want to be hurt again, figuratively and literally…

“I was really depressed one night because my girlfriend at the time had said she wanted us to take a break. In my emotionally fragile state, I somehow ended up buying a $500 sword and a $700 suit of armour” – IrishPub.

#3 A can’t opener?

Sometimes the cheaper option just leads to more misery.

“I spent $1 on a can opener. It can’t open any cans and is the most useless object in the galaxy” – SlinkoSnake.

#4 Not safe, and sorry

 “I once purchased a virus scanner that was a virus” – Scarlet.

#5 A not at all relatable example that won’t make you feel bad for your choices

“I’ve made a lot of stupid purchases, but one that really pisses me off is when I add it all up is the amount of times I’ve bought shots for friends at a bar… or just alcohol at bars in general”.

“If I would have just stuck with cheap beer I’d probably have enough money to buy a small island… or at the very least a better car than what I drive now” – sergeantCRASH.

Something to consider next time you’re about to withdraw another $50 from the bar ATM.

#6 Camping’s not for everyone

“I bought a tent for my cat. It was $60 and my cat is terrified of it” – Kikithekoala.

#7 But I mean, when is the right time to buy a horse?

“My sister bought a horse. She had never had one before, never ridden one, and lived in an apartment. She seriously called me and said ‘I have to pick up a horse tomorrow and I have nowhere to put it’ – maurizio_00.

#8 Money gone in a puff of smoke

“My first pack of cigarettes” – in2theday.

A friendly PSA to not smoke ciggies – it’s inconvenient; you’ll smell and you’re wasting money.

#9 Some people just can’t turn down a good bargain

“I once purchased a giant tub of peanut butter because it was on sale. I’m allergic to peanut butter…” – Cinntwist.

#10 Because, why not?

“10,000 glow sticks” – SivlerMiku.

If you’ve just blown some cash on some stuff you probably didn’t need, or will never use, just think – at least you didn’t mess up as bad as these guys (or you did, I don’t know your life).

Bradley is a writer from Newcastle who enjoys travel, Tina Fey and is a connoisseur of cheap red wine.