Savings Hacks To Maximise Your Disposable Income

Are you sick of trying and trying to save with no avail? Sure, it could be because you’re not the best at budgeting, or maybe you’re spending beyond your means. Or it could because you’re not following incredible and totally legit savings hacks like these ones:

Extreme Savers: Penny pinching

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Posted by The Cusp on Wednesday, 7 February 2018


So those tips might be a bit extreme. How about trying these much more practical ones instead? Check them out:

#1 Shop around

Savvy savers know that a bargain goes a long way, and how important it is to shop around for the best deal.

Looking online for supermarket specials is a really good start, but consider some of those bigger costs you cop every month. We’re talking electricity, utilities and phone bills and internet.

Give your providers a call to see if you’re getting the best deal, or use online comparison services to see if there are cheaper plans or services you could opt for.

#2 Ask for a pay rise

If you’ve been working your absolute butt off, going above and beyond, getting a tonne done on the reg, it might be time for a pay rise. It wouldn’t technically count among “savings hacks”, but it could be that the answer to saving more is to start earning more.

A review should generally happen every 12 months where you and your employer sit down, talk about performance and chat pay rises. You should generally get a small raise in pay in accordance with the rise of inflation, but if you feel you’ve been acing your work lately, you can also ask for a pay rise as a reward.

It’s important to go in with a plan if you’re gunning for a bigger raise. Luckily we have some tips to ensure you’re well equipped.

#3 Take advantage of loyalty cards

If you’re not part of a loyalty rewards card program, what are you doing? Get onto it!

Not only can you use them every time you head to the supermarket, they’re applicable for a bunch of other stuff, like fuel, alcohol, books and homewares.

Some places even allow you to link loyalty cards to other services, such as your electricity bill or frequent flyer account. As the points accumulate you can redeem them for cold card cash (to spend at the selected stores).

Hello, that’s like free money. Every dollar counts when you’re a committed saver.

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