Science Says This Is The Best Way To Sign Off An Email

I often struggle to find the right words to end an email. Thanks, cheers, best, warm regards, with love – the list of potential closing lines is endless, yet there never seems to be one that fits exactly to the tone and purpose. But does it even matter?

As it turns out, yes, it matters. A technology company called Boomerang has done the maths. They’ve studied 350,000 emails in relation to the sign-offs used and their response rates, and there’s a clear winner.

From Boomerang’s sample, the most used email sign-offs in order of popularity are:

1. Thanks
2. Regards
3. Cheers
4. Best regards
5. Thanks in advance
7. Best
8. Kind regards

Boomerang then compared these most popular email closers to find (on average) how likely they are to get a response. Gratitude goes a long way: the research found that any variation of “thank you” is your best bet.

The winning sign-offs to get a reply are: Thanks in advance (38.1% increase), thanks (32.7% increase) and thank you (21.9% increase). The closer which received the lowest likelihood of a response is best (7.8% increase).

Image: Boomerang

Image: Boomerang

So, thanks in advance is the better option and there’s a bit of psychological manipulation behind it. Boomerang says that the reader is “being thanked specifically for a response which has yet to be written,” therefore giving them an extra push to respond.

The research has been done and now we know. However your chosen wording, a simple thanks goes a long way.

Thanks in advance,
The Cusp

[h/t: The Age]