The Secret Hack That Helps Students Save Loads While Travelling

Are you sick of sitting at home and scrolling through your socials to see just how much fun your mates are having on their overseas trips, while you spend your uni break doing, well, literally nothing?

We get it. It’s pretty soul crushing. It’s enough to make you want to fashion a raft from stuff out of the back shed and attempt an escape to whichever luxury beach is currently filling your Instagram feed.

You’re smart when it comes to money, so how is it your friends can afford these incredible experiences while you search your car for shrapnel in order to buy lunch?

Sure, they might maintain a super strict budget or consider saving a competitive sport, but one trick helping them afford that O/S adventure is relatively simple.

So before you start building that boat, hear us out with this awesome way to save on your next overseas trip. Have you heard of ISIC?

What is ISIC?

ISIC (AKA the student traveller’s saving grace) stands for International Student Identity Card, and is one of the best ways to score next-level discounts while travelling in Australia and around the globe. It’s the largest internationally recognised student ID, accepted in more than 130 countries. You use the card in the same way you’d show your student ID at the movies to receive a discounted ticket, but it’s applicable to so much more.

Save on restaurants, cafes, museums, accommodation, experiences, flights and more. And, if you plan your adventure with STA Travel you’ll receive exclusive discounts, including up to 40% off international airfares.

How do I get one?

Now, applying for a card would normally set you back $30, but Westpac has teamed up with ISIC to ditch the fee all together. All you have to do is open an equally useful Westpac everyday Choice account.

On top of receiving your complimentary ISIC card and unlocking the thousands of affiliated discounts that come with it, your new Westpac Choice account will also save you dollars while on your overseas adventures. Need to withdraw some cash to pay for some legit Turkish coffee? You’ll pay no ATM withdrawal fee at more than 50,000 ATMs globally. Oh, and there are no monthly account service fees for full-time students. Score!

If you’re feeling robbed for having already paid for an ISIC card, don’t sweat it. Existing ISIC members will receive a $30 STA Travel Voucher after opening a new Choice account, courtesy of Westpac for you to spend how you like.

What if I’m not a student? Can I still get discounts?

And if you’re bummed about missing out on all these sweet deals because you graduated a few years back, you still might be able to cash in on the perks. If you’re 30 or younger you’re eligible for an International Youth Travel Card (IYTC). This card works exactly the same as the ISIC card and offers many of the same perks, allowing you access to more than 150,000 discounts, worldwide.

Another genius feature (and our personal favourite) is enough to lower your travel anxiety by knowing that if you lose your wallet, it’s not the end of days. Westpac allows you to pay using your smartphone, or access cardless cash from its ATMs in Australia. There’s also an ISIC app that’ll store your info electronically, meaning receiving those sweet, sweet discounts are as easy as a flash of your phone.

So instead of spending another Saturday night home alone, bummed over the fact that literally everybody you know is living it up on their overseas adventure, start planning one yourself knowing you’ll score a tonne of discounts with your new ISIC card.

What are you waiting for? Applying for your new Westpac Choice account and ISIC card takes less than three minutes, and can be done online here.