Why You Shouldn’t Tell Social Media You Hate Your Job, In 10 Tweets

Proclaiming how much you hate work on social media can, unsurprisingly, be perilous. Taking to Facebook to announce the unrelenting boredom of your role is not something we’d ever recommend, for example. Nor will posting a list on Twitter (albeit limited to 140 characters) of things you’d like to do to your boss have many benefits in the long run.

But the risks associated with telling your social media community that you hate your job doesn’t seem to holster everyone’s eager, tapping fingers. A quick search on Twitter for terms like “I hate my boss” or “hating work” or “I want to quit” reveal no shortage of very frustrated and very honest posts. New results stream in faster than you can say “work sucks”.

Many employers and organisations write into their code of conduct conditions about staff social media use; some more restrictive than others. So, by complaining about work or your colleagues on social media you may be in breach of a contract you agreed to and signed when you first started. If guidelines around social media conduct aren’t built into any formal agreement between you and your employer, then you just risk offending the heck out of them. And probably several awkward conversations thereafter.

Need more proof of why you shouldn’t use social media to have a thorough whine about a crappy day at work? Look no further than these 10 tweets. Please note, retweets are not endorsements.

tweet quit job hate work

And one of those days your colleagues, or manager, or the CEO of your company will read your tweets. While no specific employer or staff are named, it wouldn’t take much to connect the dots and be asked for a quick but inevitably final chat with HR.

tweet quit hate work
Items you commonly forget to bring to work include things like house keys or your phone. A will to live is, for the most part, brought along for the ride. Perhaps it’s nestled neatly next to your coffee cup or sandwiched in the pages of your daily planner. When you feel this negatively about your job, it might be a blessing to be let go.

Drunk and hating work? A deadly or brilliant combination, depending on how you look at it. Your manager however, might be inclined to see it as firmly in the former camp. And may god have mercy on us all if you’re charged with operating heavy machinery.

Do not mess with this person. Things will get ugly. They will hurt you. Heads will roll.

What on earth does this person do for work? Because desiring to live under a rock sounds pretty miserable. Unless it’s under a lot of rocks like a real-life Flintstones house, which apparently is already a thing. Either way, your employer probably won’t be stoked about this declaration.

Points for creativity here. And points for a subtler ragging-out of a workplace and its staff. A tweet like this could still end badly for an employee if discovered by the wrong people, but we think it’s a pretty decent way to politely and hilariously tell the world you hate your job.

The double whammy! Tweeting about hating work while working. We’re impressed at the audacity exhibited here but contention for employer of the year is well and truly dead. There are many ways this tweet could be found by colleagues or a manager, and it’s very likely none of them will end well.

If the worst thing that happens to you in your career is a couple of bad hair days then consider yourself extremely lucky. Deal with the cruddy uniform, wear the stupid hat and keep the damn job. It ain’t that bad. And we’re guessing it probably keeps your “perfect hair” out of our burgers and soft serve, which makes it kind of a good thing, right?



Oh man, don’t quit on being nice! Work must be really bad to have dried up all your kindness, but that emoji appears to be laughing, so we admire your spirit. Hopefully 2018 holds more promise.


Yeah, yeah ok, we get it – you don’t hate your work. You don’t even dislike it. You love it. Congratulations. You win.

Izzy Tolhurst is a copywriter and editor. She writes about music, the arts, employment and international development. She also sings and plays an impressively amateur level of guitar in Melbourne band Go Get Mum. Find her rambling on Twitter @izzytolhurst