Six #girlboss Websites You Should Bookmark

The internet — though it’s pretty regularly a time-suck, it’s also an endless source of influence and motivation. Outfit inspiration? Check. Fitspo? You can’t escape it. What to cook for dinner? Every other person’s food blog has you covered. For many of us, though, what shoes to wear and how many burpees to do a day aren’t top of our list of priorities — career is in pride of place. But, unlike food, fashion and fitness, careers don’t photograph that well, and are slightly more complicated than clicking through to Net-a-Porter, sweating to a Kayla Itsines workout or following a recipe.

But, there’s a whole bunch of women out there absolutely nailing their careers in a range of fields that are actively trying to help you get better at yours. Some run their own websites with a whole range of content to inspire, while other leaders are happily chatting with online writers to help you on your path. We’ve tracked down six of the best #girlboss websites to give you a kick up the bum and get you on track to killing it career-wise.

Marie Forleo

Life coach, writer, digital entrepreneur and vessel of positivity, Marie Forleo went from working a 9-5 to bartending to being on Oprah. Her online show, MarieTV, sees her interview luminaries like Cheryl Strayed, Seth Godin and Elizabeth Gilbert about career, life and creativity. She also talks about things like how making fewer choices gives you more freedom, dissects whether you should choose a safe career path or follow your dreams, and speaks of how to keep a fear of criticism from crushing you. Marie is always upbeat, and occasionally cheesy — but even if you’re a cynic, we reckon you’ll come away from each episode with a little nugget of inspiration.


There would be no hashtag girlboss without Sophia Amoruso. The founder of the Nasty Gal clothing empire, Sophia wrote a book a few years back called #girlboss. Since then it’s become the rallying cry for a generation of women who want to create their own careers and take charge of their lives. Though Nasty Gal is currently in administration, the #girlboss website picks up where the book left off. With real-life stories from working women, advice about work, money and wellness, and interviews with entrepreneurs and ladies who are at the top of their game, it’s an amazing resource, no matter what career path you’ve chosen.

Career Contessa

To the untrained eye, Career Contessa might seem like a women-only, jazzed up job-finding website. But dig below the surface, and you’ll find it’s so much more than that. From practical advice on how to organise your desk in 20 minutes, and the things you should be cutting from your CV, to webinars and career assessments, as well as interviews with kick-arse women in every field from science to media and real estate, it’s one to bookmark whether you’re looking for a job or are trying to excel at the one you’ve already got.


When Levo founder Caroline Ghosn graduated from university, she was the first woman in her family to have done so. She says, “I realised I had little context for how to define my purpose and be successful in achieving impact towards that purpose”. So, she founded Levo, which aims to arm you with the tools to develop your skills, build connections with peers and mentors, and keep inspired. Like the other websites, it has articles about all aspects of your work life, including how much caffeine you can safely consume in a week, why you should laugh at work more, and how to take your side hustle to the next level. It also offers courses in things like how to manage for millennials, and has a whole bunch of video interviews with champions like Anne-Marie Slaughter and Brandon Stanton (the founder of Humans of New York).

Penelope Trunk

As the founder of four companies, Penelope Trunk knows her stuff. On her personal blog she shares her career twists and turns, and is often brutally honest. She’s not afraid to turn everything you believe on its head in the name of helping her readers achieve their goals. In one blog post she might talk about why the hardest worker never wins, in another about why working from home isn’t as great as it sounds, and yet another why she’s mega-angry at Sheryl Sandberg for Lean In. She might make you mad sometimes, but consistently offers up food for thought.

Classy Career Girl

Do you consider yourself a go-getter? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Are you just plain determined? Classy Career Girl is for you. Stuffed full of resources, both free and paid, for women who want to kick butt, it focuses on empowering women to do what they love. Meet other ambitious ladies via the site’s Facebook group, download regularly rotating resources that might include CV templates, networking action plans and purpose planning workbooks, and hit up the blog for a fresh spin on career advice — think how to create a paperless office, how each generation views work-life balance, and Instagram hashtags to up your followers.

Time to unleash your inner #girlboss.

Che-Marie is a London-based writer and editor. Her work has appeared in Australian Gourmet Traveller, Collective Hub and Virgin Australia Voyeur among others. Follow her travels on Instagram @chemariet