Spend Less On Partying, Save More For Travel

Going out does not have to come at the cost of seeing the world, or planning for your future. Some of your most precious memories of this time of life may come from travelling and partying with your mates. Both of these, of course, come at a cost – but neither has to cancel out the other. I love a bev and a boogie and I also love travelling, and that’s a lifestyle I’ve perfected over the past 7 years. Call me the queen of stinge, if you’d like. I’m going to tell you how I do it.


First things first- your ability to save money without having to stay at home comes down to your mindset. It’s important to understand the value of your money.

Your Australian dollars can get you a lot overseas. A huge haloumi wrap in Berlin costs $3. Even Switzerland is renowned as one of the most expensive countries yet you can still find a slab of beers for $18.

The other thing about mindset is realising that you don’t have to spend $100-200 on the bar to have a good time. Feeling the need to buy things to enhance your state of enjoyment is a bit sad really; you’re either going to the wrong clubs with the wrong music, or your friends are really boring. Music in itself causes a serotonin boost and creates euphoria – without the need to spend money at all.


Now don’t assume I’m a boring sober sob. In fact, one of my favourite past times is having a bev because why wouldn’t it be? It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the presence of your mates. I’m just saying that you don’t necessarily need it nor should you spend a lot of money on it. If you’re unsure how to enjoy a drink without spending a lot of money, stick to the goon.


Never, and I repeat, never involve yourself in rounds amongst friends. What usually happens is you end up buying way too many to keep up, you get generous, you lose track and somehow you managed to buy the last three for a group of your 6 mates. How did that happen? Just don’t risk it. Simply politely decline the offer to participate and say you’re sticking to your own drinks.


I know it’s easy to just roll out of the house party or the club and order yourself an Uber, but how many times have you looked at your bank account after the weekend and seen Uber deductions multiple times across the weekend at $40 each deduction? Take the tram or the train with your friends. Seeing the world go by and people-watching is one of life’s simple pleasures and you might even make some new friends on the way.

Mindful Eating

The problem with society these days is that we eat on the run. We purchase drive thru food, we order take away and eat it while being completely distracted by Netflix or we chow it down on our work break at work. Apparently we are only meant to stomach the amount of food that is the size of your fist. Hold your fist up to your face. Is that the size of two large pizzas and garlic bread? I know, I know. There was an offer to pay an extra $3 for an entire extra large pizza but you physically don’t need that in your body. Honestly, try eating a whole garlic bread, slowly, savour every mouthful, whilst doing no other activity but purely enjoying the bite and taste of the garlic bread. See how quickly you become full. The active power of mindful eating keeps you slim and saves you moola.

So there you have it – the stingy guide to being able to enjoy the best things in life. You can have it all! There is no need to sacrifice in this thing we called life. Make sure that the money you’re saving with these tactics goes into a savings account, where you don’t touch it (until it’s time to buy those plane tickets).

You can also use this philosophy towards other parts of life. By learning to get by on less, you’ll probably have left over money to invest in things, like shares or property. But that’s something for another time.

Sam is a freelance writer passionate about sub-cultures, oddballs of the world and music. She runs a Melbourne music website and writers banter for VICE, The LAD Bible, and other websites. You can find her on Twitter at @hamsoward.

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