How To Splurge On Shopping Without Feeling Guilty

It’s the end of the year, which means our wallets are no doubt feeling the damage of the festival shopping season (and the Boxing Day sales are just around the corner as well). We may walk in to the department stores with a meticulously written list of gifts for loved ones. But what we walk out with is often much more than we bargained (or budgeted) for.

One gift from the list, one gift for me – sound familiar?

The endorphin-boost we like to call “retail therapy” sure feels sweet at the time, but here’s the kicker: we all know that it doesn’t last long.

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Before we’ve had the chance to walk through the front door and unload two armfuls of shopping bags onto the bedroom floor, the guilt starts to sets in. Should I really have bought all this? I didn’t spend that much, did I? It doesn’t count if I got a good deal, right?

Well don’t be too hard on yourself: self-proclaimed retail therapy-addict and writer – Shaunacy Ferro – recently told Mental Floss that she might have discovered a way around those post-shopping spree blues.

She suggests that a better way to be financially responsible – while still allowing yourself a little shopping pick-me-up here and there – is to set up a “splurge account”.

She suggests putting aside a small about of money each pay check – like in a separate savings account – specifically for the purpose of treating yourself to a carefree shopping spree once in a while.

If you use this to save and to plan for future splurges, you’ll feel like you have honestly deserved it and you’ll be able to shop ‘til your heart’s content, feeling like you’ve earned it. The best bit? There’ll be no emotional come down afterwards.

Think about adding some money into the account every time you pack your lunch instead of eating out, or every time you skip that pricey take-away café coffee. Spend only what you’ve saved in your “splurge account”, and spend it only when you’ve hit your savings goal.

Simple, really.

[h/t: Science of Us, Mental Floss]