How To Help Your Friend Out Of A Slump

It sucks seeing your friend down in the dumps – obviously you want to be there for and support them, but maybe they aren’t exactly up for a d&m.

There are some subtle ways to save them from their blues without it being overly obvious. Here’s how to stealthily help your friend out of a slump.

Treat them to dinner

When you aren’t feeling too crash hot, daily chores suck and often the last thing you feel like doing is cooking. Because of this, your pal mightn’t be eating right – why not treat them to dinner?

Firstly, ask if they want to go out – this means they’re probably going to need to shower, get changed into some clean clothes – perfect if they haven’t exactly been leaving the house lately.

Once you’re out of the house the easy part is done, now all you need to focus on is kicking back and enjoying some QT with your bestie.

If they say no, spend the night in and cook for them – they’d be crazy to reject that offer (free food).

Clean their bedroom

Sounds silly, but this could be one of the best ways of cheering your friend up and assisting in the cure of their temporary sorrow. Pop your head into your mate’s room and assess the situation – if their room is reminiscent of an actual garbage fire, this is your cue to jump in.

Give their room a quick tidy up, change their sheets and save them from the real walk of shame – their bedroom to the kitchen carrying a week’s worth of dirty dishes.

While you’re at it, chuck any dirty clothes of theirs in the washing machine – your friend will really appreciate the gesture, as a subtle way of letting them know you have their back.

Invite them to everything  

It’s nice to feel wanted, so check in with your friend at every opportunity to ask if they want to hang out – even if they say no, at least you tried to include them –they’ll appreciate it.

Ask them to run some errands with you, see if they want to come for a run or even just get them to come watch TV with you – good company is often a trustworthy cure.

Make sure they’re meeting their commitments

It’s OK to take a mental health day from work or skip a class, but keep a close eye on your mate. If they begin to miss regular plans like work, school, sport or spending time with their SO call them out on it.

You want your typically chirpy friend back ASAP, so unobtrusively just let them know you’re concerned, and kindly encourage them to get back into the swing of things.

Let them know you’re around

We all go through rough spots in life – that’s a fact. Even if your friend isn’t too keen on talking things through it’s important that they know you’re there for them – so let them know.

If you coax yourself into the chat, your friend is more likely to open up. Chances are they will just be going through a sporadic moment of sadness, but if you guys can spark a conversation on the topic, you’ll be able to do some personal investigating to suss out if there’s a deeper issue.

The most important thing is to be patient with your pal – you’ve been in their shoes before so don’t be so quick to criticise.

Bradley is a Sydney-based writer who enjoys travel, Tina Fey and is a connoisseur of cheap red wine.