Students Could Get $50 To Help With Life At Uni

Uni costs money. Not only are there fees to pay (even if they mostly go to HECS), there are textbooks and gear to buy (calculators? lab coats? fancy stationery?). Maybe you’ve moved cities or even countries to start your studies. On top of that, you might need to buy a car to get to uni, or maybe you’ve moved out of home for the first time. The spending adds up. But you know all this, right? You’re living it.

Bonus cash, and discounts worldwide

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and a little extra cash is certainly helpful. Westpac has your back with a new offer: when you open a new Westpac Choice account online and chuck in $250 in the first 45 days, you’ll get $50. It’s super easy too – you can open an account online in three minutes, and a debit card will be sent out to you. You won’t even be charged for it, with no monthly service fees for students and no withdrawal fees at over 10,000 eligible ATMs across Australia.

Just for an extra sweetener, you can save $30 and get also get one year’s free use of an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) which gives you access to thousands of discounts in countries around the world. Useful for all those holidays you’ll be able take with your hard-earned dollars.

Always accessible

Don’t get stuck without access to your dosh. Once your account is up and running, you can access it anywhere, at any time through Online Banking and the Westpac Mobile App. Your debit card will be enabled for contactless payments, and you can even use it for Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

If you’ve ever been stuck out and about having forgotten your wallet – no stress. Your account will be set up for Cardless Cash, meaning you can withdraw cash from Westpac ATMs without your card via the Westpac Mobile App.

Open a Westpac Choice account for students or youth online by 29 March and deposit $250 within 45 days of opening the account to receive $50.