Fill Out This Survey For Us And You Could Score $1000

You like free money, right? How about talking about yourself? Well, what if we told you that $1000 is up for grabs, and all you’ve got to do is tell us a little bit about you. We’d like you to fill out a quick survey and to tell us what’s hot and what’s not, to ensure the content we’re serving up is always at 100.

It won’t take you long at all (we promise), and you might just have fun doing it!

Your thoughts and opinions are super valuable to us. We appreciate them so much that if you finish the survey, we’re going to put you in the running to with a thousand bucks. And let’s be real, your savings account would enjoy that little treat!



We’re running the survey alongside our sister sites AWOLPunkeeinthemix, and Uni Junkee. We run our surveys – AKA the (un)Official Census – every year because we want to know what you like, hate, what social medias are bad, which ones are less bad, you get the gist. Basically, we want to know everything about you so that we can do our jobs better.

What’s the worst that could happen? You score yourself a cheeky grand and distract yourself from the daily grind for a hot minute? Work smarter, not harder.


Fill it out here.


(Lead Image: GQ)