Sweet Potato Toast Is Now A Thing – And It’s A Snack Game Changer

If you’re feeling a little uninspired by your regular ho-hum breakfast, or realise you’ve run out of bread again, or are vegan, or gluten intolerant, or on a low-FODMAP diet, or a human with taste buds, then we’ve found something that changes everything. And it’s so simple it’s almost beautiful. Say hello to your new favourite snack food – toasted sweet potato.

Sweet potato. In a toaster. It’s bloody genius if you ask us. The idea arose when blogger Kelsey of Little Bits Of wanted to make some avocado toast. After realising she was out of bread, Kelsey did what any respectable foodie MacGyver would do – she decided to slice up some sweet potato and toast it like you would a slice of bread. It was a complete success, and the hottest food trend of 2016 was born.

Probably the best part of this new revelation is that sweet potatoes are a hell of a lot more nutritious than your regular Tip Top bread loaf – they’re loaded up with calcium, potassium and vitamins A and C. Bonus: sweet potatoes are also vegan, gluten-friendly and low FODMAP. Hooray!

So what is exactly involved in making sweet potato toast? Well, it’s just as easy as it sounds.

Step one: Slice your sweet potato length-ways, with each “toast” around half a centimetre thick. Add to toaster.

Step two: There will be a little bit of fiddling around here to find the setting that works best with your own toaster, but it’s recommended you give it two rounds on a high setting until the sweet potato is slightly browned on each side.

Step three: Toppings! Pretty much anything that works on regular toast will work on your sweet potato toast (maybe not vegemite, but hey – don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!) Avocado with salt, pepper and lemon zest; almond butter with banana slices and cinnamon; and a tuna, mayo, relish and red onion one will go down a treat.

sweet potato

Photo: Little Bits Of

Hello new breakfast/arvo snack staple. If you’re in need of some toppings inspiration, head here or here, and enjoy.

We even tried it out ourselves in the office. Take a look below:

h/t Little Bits Of

Rebecca Russo is a freelance writer, editor, community radio dabbler, occasional hiker and celebrity autobiography enthusiast. She has written for online publications including Junkee, AWOL, Fashion Journal and Tone Deaf. Find her online here.

Lead image: Little Bits Of