Switching Off After Work: 5 Ways To Unwind

For some of us, work can be super stressful. Several studies have suggested that work is the biggest stressor in our lives, and for some, work troubles aren’t left at the door at knock off time.

A 2000 Integra Survey reported that 65% of workers experience workplace stress that cause difficulties, with 34% of workers reporting difficulty in sleeping because they were too stressed-out.

Bringing this kind of tension back home can be damaging and affect not only you but also those you’re living with. Here are some ways that will help you switch off your brains after work and save yourself the unnecessary stress.

Get a hobby

Sure, hitting the couch with a glass (bottle) of wine and some trashy TV can sound like the best way to drown out the worries of the day that was, which is fine, but consider something a little more productive.

If you find yourself a hobby you can stick to, it’ll give you something to do and think about outside of work. Plus if you pick the right hobby, it can double as a major stress reliever – why not take up a competitive sport – boxing maybe?

Don’t talk about your problems

We’ve been told one of the best ways to deal with our difficulties is to find someone to talk it out with, good ol’ fashioned d&m style. This is often true, but when it comes to workplace stress try not to discuss it within the walls of home.

If you bring your problems home with you and it becomes common dinner table chat it will begin to consume you – leaving you no safe space away from the dramas of work.

Also, your partner doesn’t really care about what Susan from HR emailed your friend last, which was SO uncalled for. They don’t know these people and can’t really solve the problem – spare them the details.

Get an outsider’s perspective

Often you can get so wrapped up in all of the anxiety and stress of it all that you need to talk to someone new – that’s OK. Why not consider talking to a professional?

There are a bunch of different avenues in regards to getting help. You could go visit your local GP, or if you’re just looking to call and have a chat to a professional, you can find their contact details here.

Chat to your boss

It’s in your supervisor’s best interest for you to be happy, healthy and performing at your absolute best – if you’re stressed or unhappy this won’t be the case.

Pull your boss aside for a chat and let them know what’s going on – who knows, they may just have a solution. It could be as simple as them lessening your workload for a while or putting on some extra staff.

There’s really no benefit to bottling stuff up.

Reassess your job prospects  

If work is making you sad, stressed, tired and exhausted with little reward attached, you could be in the wrong field. There’s no shame in a career change, people do it all the time – just don’t be too quick to jump ship.

It’s good to be hasty, considering every possible avenue before flipping your boss the bird and bouncing. Ask yourself the questions: what makes you happy? and how can you make money while sparing yourself a migraine? If you can combine the two, you’re on to a winner.

Just remember, it costs money to live so it’d be great if you had something new already lined up or had enough cash in the bank to support yourself for a little while.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s just a job! Careers come and go, but you only get one brain, so please take care of your mental health.

Bradley is a Sydney-based writer who enjoys travel, Tina Fey and is a connoisseur of cheap red wine.