The Tedious Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing To Make Your Life Infinitely Better

The days of leaving our clothes on the bedroom floor, only to have them mysteriously washed, dried, ironed, folded and left on the foot of our bed is far behind us. Now, as fully-fledged adults, we’re forced to complete all the grownup jobs ourselves – and it sucks.

There are however ways to paw off these crappy tasks to someone else, for a few dollars.

Grocery shopping

I think it’s safe to come to the conclusion that grocery shopping is up there with one of the worst weekly chores. Once you’re home it feels worth it, but building up the courage to write a meal plan, compile your shopping list, drive to the shops, fill the trolley, unload the trolley, fill the trolley again only to put it in the car, take it out again and then find spots for it in your home – I can think of better ways to spend my time.

Don’t waste your time at the shops aimlessly pushing a trolley around: get somebody else to do it for you – for free. Most of the big supermarkets offer a delivery service, which allows you to jump online, pick out what you want, purchase and wait for it all to arrive at your door. The best part is that when orders exceed a certain price, delivery is free.

Besides, whenever you’re walking up and down the aisles you always end up picking up a bunch of stuff you really don’t need (especially when you’re hungry), being able to select what you need without temptation will save you money.


Does math make you sad? If so, tax time is probably a pretty grim time on your calendar. You’re aware that there are things you should be claiming, but also don’t really know how or just say f*ck it, wishing it were over and done with.

Leave it for someone who isn’t so repulsed by numbers – sort out an accountant. Not only will you save yourself the headache of actually doing it yourself, but you also might even make some money back if they can make a few successful claims.

If that’s not enough reason to skip lodging your own tax return, I don’t know what is. Then again, if you enjoy lodging tax: firstly, I’m concerned, but will allow it.



Cleaning is inevitable. No matter how hard you try and avoid it, you’ll always end up having to tidy up after yourself – eventually. But for those moments when you want to treat yourself to an especially clean house, minus the effort, you can.

There are heaps of cleaning services, which you can use whenever you like with loads of different options to choose from. Through the home cleaning service, TidyMe, a thorough clean of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas of a two bedroom place will set you back $79.

Half that if you’re living with a housemate – not bad at all.


Okay, laundry has to be on the top of the most tedious job list because you simply just can’t continue to prolong it. I mean sure, if you haven’t gone grocery shopping you can always grab take out, or if your lounge room is a bit of a mess, it’s not the end of the world. But when you’ve gone through every item of clothing you own, the jig is up – with the only solution being to load the washing machine

They say by just doing two small loads a week, laundry doesn’t have to be such a chore. People who manage to do this I applaud you, because for those of us who don’t, it seems that every Sunday afternoon, you’re stuck with a weeks worth of dirty clothes that you need all clean by morning.

Don’t put up with living among smelly gym clothes, outsource! There are a bunch of different services which wash, dry fold and deliver your clean laundry to your door for as little as $5 per kg. Think of all that extra time to kick back on the weekend you’ll gain.


Clothes shopping

Shopping for clothes isn’t usually a stressful or necessary a tedious task, but there are ways to make it easier. If you know your sizes, you can jump online and shop there. It’s great because you’ll save time by searching for exactly what you want, and who doesn’t love to sort search results from the lowest price to snag a bargain.

Besides, shopping from the comfort of your own home avoids the awkward exchange of telling the retail assistant “it’s not really my style”, when in actual fact the garment costs more than you get paid in a week and you’re just focussed on returning it to the rack safely.

Alternatively, if for whatever reason you need to get hold of some new threads fast, stores like The Iconic offer same day delivery. Say you headed to work dressed more on the casual side and have forgotten that it was date night, don’t even stress – you can get a new get-up to your workplace within three hours.

Now that you’ve outsourced all these time consuming tasks, do with your spare time as you please.

Bradley is a writer from Newcastle who enjoys travel, Tina Fey and is a connoisseur of cheap red wine.