The Friday Foodie Round-Up

It’s Friday. Pens down. It’s time to daydream about all the meals you’re going to promptly shove in your gob from home time through to the Sunday night blues.

We’ll scope Instagram every Friday for some healthy, unusual and naughty options to inspire your culinary adventures for the weekend ahead.

#1 Taco time

Mandy Banh has got these homemade tortillas looking might fine. They’re filled with guacamole, roasted and pureed sweet potato, corn relish dip, sauteed mushrooms, shredded red cabbage, feta and red currants – which she says, “sounds a bit cray cray, but tastes amazing!”

#2 Bowl me over

A photo posted by Amelia (@kitchenofamelia) on

Twenty-year-old student Amelia is not the can of beans type girl. She’s busting out mouthwatering smoothie bowls on her Insta @kitchenofamelia. This green smoothie bowl is inspired by nutritionist Jessica Sepel.

#3 Fishing for compliments

#Fitspo duo Base Body Babes have nailed the healthy-yet-still-delicious vibe with this “grilled fish and sautéed veggies in organic butter, topped with chopped green olives, capers, lemon and S + P.”

#4 OCD toast for me

A wet-dream for lovers of organised living, nutritionist Jessica Cox’s Toast Topper’s were a smash hit on her Instagram feed. Much variety, many flavours.

#5 Breakfast of champions

Top Food Melbourne went a little loco crazy with Oasis Bakery’s Carnival Hotcakes: “Two Buttermilk Hotcakes, Salted Caramel Sauce, Honey Popcorn, Toasted Marshmallow & Fairy Floss.” They said it was, “without a doubt the most impressive looking dessert that has ever come to our table!”