This Is The Most Expensive Aussie City To Grab A Meal Out

Yeah, we know. You think your city is expensive. So does everyone else. Everything is just so expensive. Well, those feelings aren’t actually that off the mark, because someone went out and did the research and the results are now in. And across the board, Australia isn’t that cheap if you just want a casual meal out, but you might be surprised to know that the most expensive city isn’t Sydney.

New data from mobile payment and deals app, Clipp, has collated the average cost of a meal out for two across Australia’s national cities, and the most expeno place to grab a casual bite out? Melbourne. Sydney wasn’t even in the top three most expensive cities.

Clipp’s findings are based on the average total price for a glass of house wine, a schooner of Carlton Draught, a burger and a small pizza. Clipp analysed data from its 650+ merchants Australia-wide in January and February this year.


The most to least expensive Aussie cities to eat out, ranked:

#1 Melburnians, you’ll be handing over $61 on average for two pretty standard meals and a couple of bevvies. Ouch.
#2 Perthites aren’t far off, being set back $57.50 for a night out.
#3 Brisvegas comes in third at $55.50 for a casual bite for two.
#4 Sydney doesn’t live up to its reputation (in a good way), being almost $10 cheaper on average than Melbourne at $51.60 .
#5 The City of Churches, Adelaide, brings up the rear with the cheapest prices of the bunch at $50.50.

So how did this break down? Looking at the prices of each individual item, while Sydney is the most expensive city to order a beer, it’s the cheapest place to grab either a pizza or burger (both at the $19 mark). Melbourne’s high-end culinary reputation is upheld with prices sitting around $23.

And it turns out Brisbane is charging exorbitant prices for a glass of house white, at $9 a pop on average, compared to $8 in Melbourne, $7 in Sydney and Perth, and $6.50 in Adelaide.

And the priciest and most affordable suburbs in each city?

If considering averages feels like an IRL misrepresentation, a closer look at the most expensive and affordable suburbs might appease you.

Melbourne still tops the list: inner-city suburb Southbank costs a cool $71. Meanwhile, Werribee sits at $48 for a meal for two.

Perth: trendy Subiaco will set you back $69, with beachside city Rockingham coming in cheapest (but the most expensive ‘cheap’ of the cities analysed, mind you) at $51.20.

Sydney: Double Bay (or Double Pay, for those who love a good pun) has the same casual meal costing $68.50, and Sydneysiders can expect to get the cheapest meal in St Marys at $46.25 for two.

Brisbane: The CBD was the most expensive at $63.50, with Strathpine quite affordable at $44 for two.

Adelaide: a casual meal out costs $55.20 in North Adelaide while Kilburn costs $43.70.

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