This New Dating App Connects People Based On Their Mutual Dislikes

How do you feel about slow walkers, Donald Trump and butt selfies? A new dating app has been announced that goes against the usual positivity train of online dating: instead of being matched on things you both enjoy, Hater is here to match people based on things that you mutually dislike.

Launching on February 8, Hater is probably the perfect antidote to where we’re at right now in 2017.

Users will use a swipe-based interface to connect to people on the app. First it gets you to swipe through some topics – it’s down for hate, up for love, right for like and left for dislike – or you can also opt out if you’re feeling neutral.

Hater currently has over 2000 different topics available, ranging from Donald Trump, slow walkers, gluten-free, camping, marijuana, butt selfies and your thoughts on paying extra for guacamole (which is something you are correct to have strong feelings about). The plan is to add in user-generated topics as well.


That’s the spirit!

To be honest, this kind of match making makes perfect sense. It’s better to get your pet peeves out there as soon as possible, because nobody wants to get a month into a relationship and realise your partner’s a staunch Nickleback fan, right?

Try the beta version of Hater here.

[h/t Science of Us]