Tips On Climbing From The Bottom Of The Career Ladder To The Top

Ever had that feeling you’re going nowhere fast in your career? Perhaps you’ve been working your arse off for the last three years but still clutching the bottom rung of the corporate ladder? Perhaps you’re just going through the motions at work, waiting for that miraculous thunderbolt to catapult you to CEO of the company?

Whatever you’re doing, or not doing in your quest for career progression, business and life coach Lauren Bryant, has some sure-fire tips to get the ball rolling.

#1 Emulate success

Lauren believes if you want to be successful, then find someone who’s achieved what you want and mirror them.

“In a work environment you’re lucky to be surrounded by people at the top of their game, so use it to your advantage, do your research and ask questions about how they got there,” she says.

She also believes it’s essential to get comfortable with delayed gratification because the reality is you won’t go from fetching coffees to company director overnight.

“It’s called a corporate ladder for a reason; people are always climbing it, so be patient but also proactive, continually showing people you are capable of a new position,” says Lauren.

#2 Never stop learning

Let’s face it, it’s unlikely you’re going to reach your dreams if you’re filing your nails and waiting for the clock to strike 5pm. Yes, keep yourself interested, but also interesting.

“People get complacent being in the same job for a while – it’s human nature,” Lauren says. “Always look at upskilling. Get qualified in various areas, get comfortable with financials, learn new skills, and finish that degree on the side. Fuelling your passion with knowledge will not only fire up your mind but show others your enthusiasm for growth.”

#3 Take every opportunity

Thank your lucky stars for those people who come to work just for the paycheck – those colleagues who are constantly sick or the on holiday. That’s your ‘in’ to show off your skills and determination.

“You have the opportunity in every workplace to show how passionate you are, take on more responsibility, get involved with new projects and use every day as another day to shine,” Lauren says.

She suggests saying yes to all those things that aren’t your responsibility and go beyond your job description.

“If you want to be a big player in your company, then work in it as if you own it,” she says. “Commit to doing even the smallest tasks with great attention to detail so you’re known for your excellence. Honestly, you will stand out from the crowd when it comes to leaders choosing the person they want alongside them.”

#4 Be Your Own Boss

Following on from Lauren’s belief about working in a company as if you own it, is her idea of ‘being your own boss.’

“You’ve got to think like the person (or people) who’ll ultimately decide on your promotion. Just because you’ve been there the longest or you want it the most, doesn’t mean you’re the most qualified for the job,” she says.

“It’s no good coming to work and just meeting deadlines, clocking off and going home again. Show some initiative!

This could include asking superiors what they’d like to see from you in order to be considered for promotions, and making them aware that you’re willing and able to take on more responsibility.

“Come up with a plan of action and keep yourself accountable – like you are your own boss,” says Lauren.

#4 Communicate

Effective communication skills benefit us in all aspects of our life but Lauren believes that in the workplace it’s an essential tool we all need to perfect.

She says many misunderstandings at work occur through bad communication, often because people forget communication isn’t just talking but listening. Add that to everyone’s unique interaction styles and you can see how essential it is to get this one right.

“Successful interpersonal skills are vital if you want to move up,” says Lauren. “It doesn’t matter if it’s the office cleaning team or your superiors, being clear and concise with your needs is something that’s invaluable to a successful company structure.”

She also adds that relying on emails or texts should come second to good old face-to-face communication.

“Being relatable and approachable are two attributes bosses like to see in a person. Can you really get that across in a two line email?” Lauren asks. “Whenever possible and appropriate make the effort to actually talk with people in the workplace.”

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