Turning A Love Of Beer Into Business Success

Many a beer-lover has stared into a schooner of their favourite brew and thought to themselves, “maybe I should start a brewery”. Perhaps they’ve even fiddled around with a few home brew blends. But former guitarist and model Oscar McMahon has worked to make that dream a reality – and a wildly successful one at that.

The Founder/Director of Young Henry’s Brewery, Oscar says enthusiasm was crucial to help him get beyond the initial idea. “Starting a business needs to be like starting a relationship with somebody. It needs to be all excitement, and all passion and positivity, because realistically the idea of it up front is going to be a lot more exciting than the actual day to day of making this thing work and exist for a long period of time.”

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The brewery started in Newtown in Sydney’s inner west in 2012, making its mark as a community-oriented business beloved by locals. Since then, it’s made its way to taps in pubs around the country. Oscar says their community presence has been key to the business’s success. “I truly believe that if you want to be a legitimate part of your community, you also need to do something for your community before they will rally around you.”

Oscar and co-founder Richard Adamson credit their staff with helping build the business. The team is just as passionate as they are about creating a high quality beer – as we saw first-hand, when we visited the brewery.

“Any time you’re hiring someone hire someone smarter than you, better than you, with a different point of view than you,” Oscar says. “Finding the right people is one of the most important things that we do.”

But most important of all? The product. “The beer is the most important thing. It always is. Everything that you do afterwards, that’s the fun stuff, that’s the inspiration. If the beer’s not right, then that won’t happen.”

To see more of Oscar’s community-oriented journey, watch the full video below.

Posted by The Cusp on Sunday, 28 May 2017


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