Two Personal Trainers Share A No-Excuses Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Most of us have great intentions to work out regularly. Why wouldn’t we, when there’s a seemingly never-ending list of benefits to be gained? Beyond the obvious ‘it’s great for your health,’ you feel like a total boss when you’re lifting heavy things and can run more than a km without panting like a dog in a hot car. Plus, admit it — it makes your day when you catch a stranger checking our your newly toned behind!

Unfortunately, for many of us our list of excuses not to exercise is even longer. You know the ones — “I just don’t have time to go to the gym today,” or “I can’t afford a gym membership,” or “I don’t have enough space to work out at home!” The thing is, there’s always going to be a so-called ‘reason’ that you can’t work out. The trick is to have a workout in your arsenal that’s quick, effective, requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. In other words, it’s completely excuse-proof!

This is one area personal trainer and fitness model Jenna Louise and former military commando and fitness coach Scott Evenett are extremely well-versed in. Apart from both having competed on Australia Ninja Warrior, the pair have their functional, super efficient training style in common.

Here, they share a full-body, animal-inspired workout you can do anytime, anywhere. All of the moves incorporate several muscle groups, meaning you get more bang for your buck. There’s no special equipment required — all you need is yourself and 15 metres of space. Whether you hit the beach or park or do it in the comfort of your own bedroom, we guarantee you’ll work up a serious sweat.

The workout

Complete 5 rounds of each superset. Do each exercise right after the next and try not to rest between rounds.

Note: the distances for the movements can be scaled based on your fitness level. Jenna and Scott recommend starting at 15m and working up to 30m. You can also increase the amount of rounds you do as you become more conditioned — aiming to get up to 10 rounds.

Superset one: 10 x push-ups and bear crawl forwards and backward (low knees)

no excuses exercise no gym fitness

Push ups

Superset two: 10 x squats and bear crawl forwards and backward (straight legs, high bum)

no excuses workout exercise fitness without a gym

Straight leg bear crawl

Superset three: 10 x ice skaters and gorilla run forwards and turn around to come back

no excuses exercise workouts fitness without gym

Ice skaters

exercise fitness without a gym

Gorilla run

Superset four: 10 x V-ups and dragon walk forwards and turn around to come back

exercise without a gym



exercise without a gym

Dragon walk

Superset four: 10 x Double leg in-outs and broad jumps (max distance, soft landing)

Double leg in-outs


Emma Norris is a Sydney-based freelance writer and the owner of copywriting business, Content in the City. When she’s not playing with words, she’s either doing pushups or stuffing her face with pizza. You can follow her on Instagram @emmajnorris92