These Unnecessary Purchases Are Killing Your Budget

If we’re being honest with ourselves, some costs in life come from unnecessary purchases that can absolutely be avoided. Some seem so small that we might not even notice them sneaking out of our bank account until it gets to the end of the month and that all-too-familiar feeling of “where did all my money go?” hits.

So what constitutes unnecessary purchases? Only you can decide how much money you have for less important purchases, and whether the below can be considered unnecessary. Consider stopping the following common purchases that are killing your budget.

#1 Daily coffee fixes

For most of us, buying that coffee (or two) is part of our daily routine, without a second thought spared before tapping our debit card at the local coffee shop. Think for a moment how much we could be saving if we switched to instant.

It’s general consensus that the average price for a cup of coffee in any of Australia’s major cities is around the $4 mark, right? That means that if you’re buying a coffee every day before work, you’ll be spending around $20 per week or $80 per month.

That’s a whopping $960 per year. Did someone say return flights to a tropical island?

#2 Online subscriptions

The biggest selling point of online subscriptions services is often the small fees that they advertise. And while $10 per month for unlimited streaming of a tonne of movies and TV shows may seem like a sick deal, it still adds up.

If you tally up your movie, music and other entertainment subscriptions you have and see just how much you’re actually spending every year, it might surprise you.

I’m not saying you should cancel them all, but it might be worth considering how often you actually are using them and ensure they’re not unnecessary purchases.

#3 Underused gym memberships

Gym memberships are never cheap, and regardless of how many days a week you actually rock up to work out, that direct deposit will deduct from your bank account every week without failure.

Your health is an investment, and if you have a gym membership that you consistently use, all power to you. However, if the gym is no longer your jam, it might be time to give the subscription fees the flick.

Pocket that $15 a week and go for a run a few times a week instead.

#4 Bottled water

Literally the most pointless purchase in the entire world… that we’re all guilty of.

It’s the thing we pay $4, heck, sometimes upwards of $7 for (looking at you, movie theatres) that we could otherwise have for free. You and I both know it’s totally not worth it.

Invest in a good water bottle, refill it instead and skip the unnecessary purchases.

#5 Eating out

At the end of a long day, cooking is sometimes the last thing you feel like doing. And now with the ability to pick up the phone and have food at your door in under 15 minutes, it’s easier than ever to fall into the trap of ordering in instead of preparing dinner yourself.

Not only is eating takeaway over cooking often a much less healthy option, it costs a whole lot more. If cooking feels like a chore, look into doing some hard-core meal prep just one day a week to make your life so much simpler. Check out our helpful meal prep tips for a bit of inspo.

#6 Ubers and taxis

Much like eating out, it’s easier than ever to find a ride home after a night out. And it seems the next day while you attempt to shield your eyes as you check your transaction history to assess the damage, a large chunk of what you spent was on transport.

If you can, opt for public transport where possible. It’s cheap, reliable and chances are you’ve already got some funds on your load-and-go travel card. Score.

Bradley is a writer from regional NSW and he didn’t come here to make friends, he came to win. He tweets infrequently to his 43 followers @bradjohnston_.

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