Wallabies Star Nick Phipps Shares The Values That Shape His Life

It’s no understatement when Nick Phipps says he has “quite an interesting family legacy.” For Nick, the family business happens to be the highest level of Australian Rugby Union. “Both my grandfather and my great uncle played for the Wallabies. I’ve also been able to follow in their footsteps.”

His family have instilled in him the principles which guide his life, both on and off the sporting field. “Always playing hard but fair, working hard, making sure you don’t let anyone down.” In fact, Nick says personal development actually helps him professionally: “Better people make better rugby players.”

That attitude is reflected in his approach to wellness. The Wallabies halfback puts plenty of time into his training, to make sure he’s in the best shape to guide his team to victory. Tools like the Qantas Assure app help him make sure he’s on the right track, by giving him stats on his daily movement.

QA - Nick Phipps - STILL 3

He also emphasises the importance of balance, which includes a healthy social life. “Going and having a good training session is only as good as going and having a few beers with some of your closest friends.”

“Wellness is not only living a healthy life, but most importantly a happy life,” he says. “I think it’s just so important to surround yourself with great people.”

He extends this holistic approach to his performance on the rugby field, focusing on the work that leads up to the big games. “You can’t really measure the weekend’s success without the training week.”

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At the end of the day, Nick is humbled by the honour of playing for the Wallabies. It’s a team whose legacy is far-reaching, beyond the family connection. That’s something he keeps in the forefront of his mind, so he can do the best for the fans who support him.

“I think the best thing about being a Qantas Wallaby is the idea that you’re representing something so much more than yourself or your family. The idea that you can improve people’s lives just by putting on the jersey and playing your guts out is something that’s very special.”

Learn more about his wellness philosophy by watching the video below.


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