This Website Will Tell You If Robots Will Take Your Job

There’s a lot of talk going on right now about the automation of jobs, and how that’s going to affect the work market. According to the experts, 40% of jobs that exist today are at risk of being taken by robots.

But what does that mean for you?

Well, this website will tell you. The aptly named Will Robots Take My Job? simply requires you to type in what you do for a living, and then it’ll give you the cold, hard stats.

Is automation a threat to your job?

Managers, it says, should start worrying – they’ve got a 25% likelihood of seeing their job go to a bot. Editors (I checked purely out of self-interest) are only at 5.5% risk of automation, so I can sleep soundly. Pilots are on notice – there’s a 55% probability that a commercial pilot’s job will be taken over by a computer.

More creative gigs – like dancers, artists and musicians – are pretty safe, although creative professions are already notoriously unsteady.

Engineering is ‘totally safe’, according to the site. Labourers, on the other hand, have an 88% chance of losing their job to a machine. Sheesh. Cashiers are told they’re “doomed”, with a 98% chance of automation – self check out isn’t going anywhere, it seems.

Since the robot revolution is at its very beginning, it might be time to re-skill. Soft skills – like creativity, critical thinking, communication and teamwork – are already in demand from employers, and robots aren’t very good at them. An ageing population like Australia’s will also need lots of people to look after the elderly, so there’s definitely a future in aged care and other health and people-focussed professions.

Ultimately, the best way to prepare for the future and its robot overlords is to be flexible. Despite the predictions, no-one has a crystal ball – if you’re worried about where your career is going to be in 15 years, prepare yourself by learning new things and getting agile. The singularity is coming.