The Weekend Spending Challenge That Could Fix Your Budget

We all start our week with the best of intentions. Eat well, exercise, stick to your budget. And then the weekend comes along and it all gets thrown out the window.

We get it: the weekend is full of temptation. There are dinners and drinks and parties and festivals and Ubers and a million other ways to spend your hard earned cash. Monday rolls around again, and your bank balance is looking worse for wear.

But there is a way to turn it around. Enter: the $50 weekend challenge.

Keep it friendly

It works like this. First of all, you need to get your mates on board. We’ve said it before – saving money socially is a hell of a lot more fun than doing it on your own. You might even want to make things interesting by turning it into a competition and some sort of prize. Either way, getting your friends in on the action will help keep you accountable.

Set some rules

If you’re a Sunday grocery shopper like me, this challenge might strike fear into your heart. So to be clear: general living expenses don’t count.

What does count are weekend activities, like eating out and going to the movies or catching up for some beers. You want to stretch your $50 so it covers all of those activities. For some frugal folk, that might seem super simple, but I’m sure there are people reading this who can easily spend $200 on a Friday night. This one’s for you.

Find some free fun

The easiest way to nail this challenge is to get stuck into free activities. It could be going for a bush walk, or heading to the beach. Perhaps there are interesting exhibitions or street festivals you could head to. Catching up with mates? Why not invite them over for a cup of coffee, instead of heading to a café?

Reap the rewards

You don’t need to be having $50 weekends all the time. But if you do it, say, once a month, you might be surprised by how much money you save – and you’ll feel less guilty when you do have a big one.

Amelia is the Editor of The Cusp. You can find her on twitter @amelia___m or instagram @ameliamarshall.

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