What’s The Real Value Of $100?

Remember when you were a kid and $100 seemed like a LOT of money? It seemed like enough money to make all of your dreams come true.

Then at some point we became adults and the value of $100 dropped. It was the cost of a night out, of our share of the power bill, of one week’s worth of groceries.

What if we told you $100 is still enough to change your life? Let’s explain.

Big brains, big dreams

It’s been a couple of weeks since we wrapped up Junket, our annual ‘unconference’ (a fancy way of saying we don’t have keynote speakers and make it all up as we go along). We gathered 200 or so of Australia’s most interesting young people to talk about big ideas across the arts, science, politics and more.

Triple J’s Alex Dyson suggested ways to get young people interested in politics. The Indigo Project’s Mary Hoang talked about practical solutions for mental health issues. There were talks about artificial intelligence, the power of storytelling, and making museums cool again.

In short, a lot of ideas and some big dreams.

Funding the future

That’s where Westpac comes in. Westpac wanted to help these young achievers reach spectacular goals. So each delegate at Junket got $100, which they then gave to the person who inspired them the most.

Suddenly $100 had value again. The recipients had great ideas for what to do with their cash – all sorts of genius ways to change the world. The change is incremental, yes, but that’s how change happens. $100 at a time.

You can watch it happen in our video.