Why Am I So Bloated All The Time?

There are two kinds of people in life: those who find themselves rubbing their swollen tummy on the reg, and those who… don’t (lucky them). If you’re part of the first group, there’s no doubt you’ve asked this question while in the grips of discomfort: “why am I so bloated all the time?”

We’ve been there too, so we hit up nutritionist Erika Morvay for her insights.

So, first things first: what causes bloating? “Abdominal bloating is often caused by gases produced by the bacteria, which normally live in the large intestine,” she explains. “These bacteria always produce some gas, but excessive gas can be produced when we consume certain foods or when our digestive tract is unable to absorb food.”

So for those of us who bloat all the damn time, what should we do? First, Erika says, pay attention to what you’ve eaten when you find yourself bloated. “I suggest to record what you eat and how you feel each day in a diet/symptom diary for at least 2 weeks,” she suggests.

Your gut bacteria could also be the culprit. If it’s out of whack, it could be making you extra gassy. Probiotics could help here, advises Erika. “Include fermented foods in your diet or you can choose a broad-spectrum probiotic with a higher number of strains, which can help support the diversity of your gut bacteria.”

But Erika also recommends getting a health care professional on the case, too, because there could be any number of causes. She says bloating is a very general symptom that could be associated with any number of causes.

why am i bloated all the time

While you’re searching for the cause of your expanding tum, be sure to go back-to-basics and examine your lifestyle habits to ensure you’re not exacerbating the issue. Avoid eating when you’re stressed or on the run, and make managing your stress levels a priority. Remember to exercise regularly to help your organs do their job efficiently.

What’s on your plate matters too, of course. Erika says to avoid processed foods, fast food, concentrated fruit juices, eating too many vegetables or legumes that are no pre-soaked, dairy or artificial sweeteners. These have all been known to cause bloating.

Ditch those in favour of foods that aid digestion. Erika lists off bitter salad leaves, apple cider vinegar, artichokes, asparagus, fermented foods, papaya, pineapple, lemons and limes, and sprouted seeds and legumes, if you can tolerate them.

Erika is a Fusion Health Naturopath and Holistic Nutritionist. She has over a decade of experience working within the natural therapies industry and can be contacted at www.erikamorvay.com