Stuck In A Rut? You Might Need A Career Coach

Navigating your way through working life can be confusing. There will be times where you catch yourself thinking, what the actual hell am I doing? It can be difficult to know exactly who to turn to for advice.

You could chat to your friends and family but they mightn’t really get it. And maybe it’s something you just aren’t comfortable chatting about to your boss.

Enter, the career coach.

A career coach is someone who has been professionally trained to help employees and job seekers in a bunch of different ways. You might reach out to a career coach if you need help writing a resume, finding a job, or are seeking advice for your current role.

If you are confused about where your career is headed, or are experiencing any of the difficulties listed below, it might pay to reach out to one.

You can’t land a job

Unless you’re some kind of job wizard, you’ve had a hard time finding or securing a job once or twice in your life. Me too.

The only way an employer can gauge what kind of person you are, how skilled you are and ultimately, whether you’d be a fit for the job comes down to a couple of sheets of A4 paper – your resume. The power of a resume lies not just in the message, but how you communicate it.

If you look at your resume and think to yourself damn, I am so qualified and smart on paper – that’s awesome! But it doesn’t mean that your potential employer is feeling the same way.

An exceptional resume is imperative, especially in a competitive market – you need to stand out. This is where a career coach comes into play. It’s their job to carefully assess your resume, and make changes where appropriate.

You’re feeling unfulfilled in your current role

How content do you feel in your current role? Does going to work no longer excite you? Do you not feel challenged anymore, or are you just plain bored?

If you’ve answered yes to these, going to work each day probably sucks for you. You should be constantly developing your skills at work, and always learning new things that makes you more of an asset to your company (and to future potential employers).

If you feel stuck in a rut, a career coach can help you out of it. It may be a matter of sitting down and assessing what it is about your current role that is making you feel unfulfilled, and identifying whether or not there are things you could change.

This might mean finding extra responsibility you could take on within your current role that would make you feel more challenged at work. Alternatively, it could mean sacrificing the cushiness or comfort of your current role and looking for fulfilment elsewhere.

You aren’t sure what’s next

In some industries, career progression may be made abundantly clear. For example, if you work in the army, ranks are laid out which you climb when deemed fit. In other industries career progression may not be made so clear.

So when you feel as though you are ready to take on more responsibility and earn more money but no positions exist which allow you to do that, what are you to do?

This is a solid reason to seek the help of a career coach. Sure, they may not know the intricacies of your job, but they can point you in the right direction. They can also help you weigh up the pros and cons of either staying or bouncing.

You want out

Ready to call it quits and peace out of your current job? People leave their jobs for a number of different reasons: gaining employment elsewhere, being ready to try something new, conflict with management, the list goes on.

It never hurts to make the process as seamless as possible, so getting the advice of a professional career coach might be the way to go. They will advise you on the proper protocol in terms of notifying your employer, and also help you to make the transition into your new role as easy as possible.

Or, if you have nothing lined up, they can point you in the right direction to find a new job that’s going to make you happy. Sometimes a little professional advice makes all the difference.

Bradley is a writer from Newcastle who enjoys travel, Tina Fey and is a connoisseur of cheap red wine.