Will robots take your job? This site can predict that for you.

New developments in technology have become a fact of life. Think of smartphones, their creators introducing cool new tricks and gadgets every year, and apps, making our lives simpler.

Where once you’d have to sift through tomes in a library to find the answer to the question “What does an elephant weigh?”, now you can ask the digital assistant in your phone with your voice. Where once you’d queue for a checkout chum to sort your groceries, you can now do it yourself with the aid of a machine.

Will robots take my job?

According to analysis by researchers at the Oxford Martin School at the Oxford University, up to 47% of the human workforce is at risk of being replaced by 2035 (at least in the USA) with some sort of automation, such as robotics or artificial intelligence.

So which jobs are most likely to be replaced? The Rise of The Robots project has collected data by various research institutions to make predictions about our jobs, and which are most likely to be replaced.

Up to 47% of the human workforce is at risk of being replaced by 2035.

Are you a waiter? Your job is rated as having a ’very high’ likelihood of being replaced, at 94%. Accountants are apparently even more likely to lose their jobs to robots, with the likelihood at 98%. We’re thankful that editors and writers have ‘very low’ likelihood of being replaced, at 5.5% and 3.8% respectively. You can look up your own job here, with extra statistics about the number of that role hired in the last 40 years, lost by 2035, and how many robots your employer could buy for the average salary for your profession.

The algorithm which works out the likelihood of job loss to robots takes into account the skills regularly used in each profession, including ‘assisting and caring for others’, ‘persuasion’, ‘originality’ and ‘manual dexterity’.

Even if your job is at risk of automation, don’t worry too much – these are simple predictions after all, and humanity seems to hit many stumbling blocks while advancing in this field.

And while robots now know how to open doors and artificial intelligence can learn and win chess matches in four hours, in the end they’re designed to help humans and make our lives easier. And there will always be the boom in those jobs designing and maintaining those robots that take our other jobs. Time for a career change?

Mitch is the Editor of The Cusp, and is relieved by the prediction of a low risk that his job will be replaced by a robot.

Main image: NBCUniversal / Netflix – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt