World Champion Canoeist Jess Fox On What Drives Her To Olympic Success

Inspired by Toyota We've teamed up with Toyota Yaris to build the ultimate guide on how to find The Drive Within You.

We all have a drive within, and considering we humans are a curious bunch, it’s always fascinating to know what fuels that drive in others. Aussie Olympian Jess Fox walks us through her motivation to strive for gold.

At 17, Jessica Fox received an ATAR score of 99.1. A mere eight months later, she scored silver in the K-1 canoe slalom at the 2012 London Olympic Games, earning her the nickname “Silver Fox”. Now 22, Fox has won several K-1 and C-1 canoe slalom championships and has added another Olympic medal to her collection snapping up Bronze in Rio.

Before Jess headed to Rio, Festival director and media producer Jess Scully gave Fox a lift to training in the Toyota Yaris, with the two Jess’ diving deep into what’s behind the passionate drive Fox has for reaching success.

In terms of motivation, Fox says she received some really great advice from Layne Beachley that reinforced in her a desire to keep at it, try her best and succeed.

Find out what it was and more in the video below:

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Lead image: Google/Olympic Games Rio 2016