You Can Now Legitimately Work Out While Drinking Wine

Are you all too familiar with that persistent internal conflict where you know you should be working out, but instead you just want to drink wine? Well, have we got fitness news for you.

It’s the exercise routine you’ll actually want to do, where wine and fitness are no longer mutually exclusive. This is demonstrated by 24-year-old American health coach, April Storey, in the most perfect example of having your (alcoholic) cake and eating (drinking) it too.

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This is not a drill.

What started out as the idea that you can really use everyday household items as workout weights – you know, tins of beans, soup cans… wine bottles – became a fully-fledged Wine Workout for April, which is kiiinda tongue-in-cheek but mostly completely healthy and definitely guaranteed to lift workout frequency levels. Who needs rest days anymore?

April’s original Wine Workout video went viral with a cheeky 19+ million views on Facebook, and in a very considerate move, she brought us a follow up (which has even seen Reebok jump on board) for International Wine Day on Februrary 18. Demand is high, and people need a fully comprehensive way to sip and squat, of course.

As demonstrated by the genius of a woman herself, wine bottles make excellent dumbbells for tricep curls, straight-arm shoulder lifts, squats, lunges and infinite other exercises guaranteed to tone you up in no time. And of course, she also spreads the message of drinking responsibly and in moderation, and encourages exercisers to have less than one glass while exercising.

“More than that, though, it proves you don’t need all the hi-tech equipment to get in a good workout,” April told Refinery29. “Those moments when you don’t want to work out, these are the perfect workouts for you.”

Alternate between a bottle and a glass of wine (frequent sips of course, you have to keep your fluids up) for your bicep curls, and for wall sits – those ungodly thigh-burners – you’re more than welcome just to chug that whole glass of vino down.

You will literally have buns of steel after this, not to mention an ungodly hangover, but let’s focus on the fact that this definitely counts as #cleaneating #blessed and #fitspo. Any excuse’ll do, right? Even exercising.

Bottoms up (literally)!

Matilda is a British-Australian-French freelance writer. She has flat-packed IKEA furniture in London and Melbourne, and no idea what’s coming next. She’s written for The Guardian, FasterLouder, mX and Grazia, and really likes hot chocolate.

Lead image: Reebok